Talking books

A talking book is a recorded narrated version of a published book, and is intended for those with reading impairments. MTM makes talking books for children and adults with different needs.

MTM’s products include several different types of talking books. We have fiction, non-fiction and academic literature. We also have easy-to-read books, books to practice reading, books in other languages, and books to learn languages. Everyone with a reading impairment has the right to borrow talking books at the library, or download them through our library,

Talking book or audio book?

The difference between a talking book and an audio book has both technical and legal aspects. A talking book is intended for persons with a permanent or temporary reading impairment. Talking books are produced with public funds and in accordance with Section 17 of the Copyright Act. Briefly, this law provides that permission from the holder of a copyright is not required in order to produce a published book as a talking book.
An audio book is a commercial product that is subject to regular copyright rules, and can be borrowed or purchased by anyone.

Talking book production

In order to produce talking books, MTM does not require the permission of the copyright holders of the respective books, but each production must be reported to ALIS, a copyright organization. The recording of a talking book must agree with the original, which must be a published work.

A book that exists as an audio book can be produced as a talking book by an organization that holds a talking book permit.


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