Mandate and laws

The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM) has the Government’s mandate to cooperate with other libraries to satisfy the need for literature of persons with visual impairment and other reading impairments.

The production and distribution of talking books take place according to the Swedish talking book model, in which MTM, the regional and municipal libraries, as well as university and college libraries, all cooperate. MTM is the central lending facility for talking books, Braille books and sign language literature.

MTM’s operations in 2014

The objectives of MTM’s operations, as well as requirements for reporting, are embodied in the appropriations letters issued to the Ministries of Education and Culture. Appropriations letters are issued to the Government, and contain the requirements and expectations that the Government has vis à vis MTM.

Annual report

The operations for 2013 are presented in the 2013 Annual Report.

Collaboration for increased accessibility

The future contours of production, distribution and consumption of talking newspapers and talking books are described in a document entitled Collaboration for Increased Accessibility (Samverkan för ökad tillgänglighet). The appropriations letter contains the goals and results requirements for MTM, as well as information on the appropriations that MTM receives for its operations.

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